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The founder, Mr. Werner Metzger with his
daughters Isabel Brockmann-Metzger (left)
and Marion Metzger (right).

Our company building at the Airport Stuttgart



1980: Founded by Werner M. Metzger in Stuttgart-Rohr
1987: The first premises become too small and the company with 3 employees
           moves to Leinfelden-Echterdingen
1993: Marion Metzger joined the company
1995: Isabel Brockmann-Metzger joined the company
1998: The company joined the GVA
1999: Start as TecDoc Data Supplier
2003: The company's own online purchasing system
  is launched
2004: TecCom becomes available for our customers
2008: Participation in Partslife
2008: The continual growth has consequences: Office and storage space are
           too small and are more than doubled by moving to Stuttgart-Möhringen
2018: In January we moved in our new company building on the airport Stuttgart

Today, we see ourselves as a family company which places great significance on partnership and team spirit both within the company and also in cooperation with customers and suppliers.

Customer orientation, motivation and continuity are not just catchwords but part of our corporate philosophy which is supported by more than 100 qualified and motivated employees.

Together with our suppliers, we take part in the forward-looking development not only with regard to the requirements of our rapidly growing market but above all also to cope with technical progress.

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